Who I am:  Lover of knowledge and the pursuit of happiness and health (which I think are almost synonyms)

My occupations: Physician that specializes in allergy and immunology; mother that specializes in love and patience

Purpose of Allergies Demystified: To provide information, answer questions, provide support, and clear up misconceptions about allergies

Dr. D’Jahna Akinyemi

I am glad you’ve found Allergies Demystified! Let me share a bit about myself with you. I am from Chicago and moved to Washington, DC for my medical training. I completed medical school at Howard University and residency in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University/Washington Hospital Center. Then, I completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and a fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at the University of Pennsylvania. I co-founded Alpha Allergy and Asthma in Silver Spring, Maryland, and also work as part-time faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Allergy and Immunology Department. Prior to that, I was a full time faculty member at Johns Hopkins. My hope is that this site will inform and encourage you as you manage your (or a loved one’s) health. Please reach out with questions!