Taking the Fear Out of Halloween for Those with Food Allergies

It’s the time of the year that can cause some trepidation for those with food allergies and their families.  During the holidays, food plays an integral part of the festivities and no one wants to bring down the mood thinking about the complexities of what can and cannot be eaten. However, if you or aContinue reading “Taking the Fear Out of Halloween for Those with Food Allergies”

Is Exposure to Mold Making Me Sick?

Mold is a naturally occurring organism in our world and we are all exposed on some level in our indoor and outdoor environments. However, whether it is harmful to us or not depends on the sensitivity of the individual, the level of exposure, and the type of mold involved. Let’s consider this case and exploreContinue reading “Is Exposure to Mold Making Me Sick?”

Why do I Keep Getting Hives (aka Urticaria)?

As an allergist, exploring the reason a particular patient has recurrent hives makes me really feel like a detective. For many conditions that an allergist sees, patients usually have a general idea of what may be causing their symptoms. However, for chronic hives (also known as urticaria), there is usually no particular consistent pattern orContinue reading “Why do I Keep Getting Hives (aka Urticaria)?”

Heading to School or Daycare with Food Allergies

The realization that your child will be away from you for most of the day is a tough transition point for many parents, but it can be even more anxiety provoking if your child has food allergies. Even if you are preparing and sending their food with them, it can be difficult to control whatContinue reading “Heading to School or Daycare with Food Allergies”